“I want nothing from you, but rather, I want to give you all I have. I want to die today and begin anew. I have forgotten how it feels to hate, and it is here I want to stay. I am here, somewhere between sad and happy. As I move farther along I become more undefined, more pervasive. Silent, I keep moving. My waves are what you see.” ~~ 3ddieblade

About 3ddieblade

A.A. - Business Management from Johnson County Community College, College graduate ~ UMKC B.S.-Acctng '90, former professional Musician, Certified Scuba Diver, Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Artist, Published Writer and Poet, and casualty of the War on Marijuana Propagators. Drowning survivor.
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  1. kolleen50ish says:

    You had a new, true & loyal friend in me.
    I can’t figure why you stopped talking to me.

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