Harvest Road….

…is greatly interested in a change of social conscience

that will lean more toward the care and concern of this globe

and of it’s multifarious inhabitants, and

H.R. is now determined to back this up with genuine action.

Global trends are indicating the need for a stepped-up response

of international influence.

Millions, possibly billions of people, precious human resources,

are tragically affected by circumstances not within their own control,

and can, given the priceless oportunity,

improve the quality of life on this ball we all bounce upon.

Change the game, slice the cherry pie, piece out

to this very essential category of humanity.

It is a scientific fact that the least variable must be considered.

Nobody is as unimportant as they may think,

or as you may think they are.

Climate change and the disasters associated with it

continue to present an enormous challenge for mere mortals.

As a species we must prioritize ~ life or money.

Dog eat dog rings so obtuse in this age.

If the poor die then who is rich?

And if the rich think thier money will save them, I needn’t finish that.

So much to do! As of today, ~ Harvest Road is networking and brainstorming

(I call it Neural Lightning, name of one of my songs)

to collaborate on solutions of any and all kinds.

Harvest Road is hereby initiating the inception of a Not For Profit

named HHH, standing for Humans Helping Humans.

As of this morning, Henry Edward Gibbons aka 3ddieblade

has paid for and registered the name of HUMANS HELPING HUMANS (HHH)

in order to get the ball rolling.

It will take time to make any significant progress

and I/we will update the status of this effort on a regular basis.

I look upon the worldwide population as a family of human beings

with no need for prejudice or spiritual distinction

and I want everyone to have help when it is urgently needed.

It’s a far-fetched dream but I keep hearing people say dreams come true,

believe in yourself, nothing’s impossible and quite frankly

I am tired of myself for not acting on what to me is a priority.

To be associated at no cost and express your concern for the human family

visit and (for now) just post Your Name and add an HHH.

I will get you on the list of Humans Helping Humans.

Additional information is welcomed but not required.

(phone#, email, blog name, moniker)


©March 31, 2014


About 3ddieblade

A.A. - Business Management from Johnson County Community College, College graduate ~ UMKC B.S.-Acctng '90, former professional Musician, Certified Scuba Diver, Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Artist, Published Writer and Poet, and casualty of the War on Marijuana Propagators. Drowning survivor.
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  1. kolleen50ish says:

    Count me in!

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