Avoid Black Holes


There are some things you should just not go near. A dog foaming at the mouth. A structure engulfed in flames. The slippery edge of a very high cliff. A fallen power line. Certain people.


Certain people are black holes. Shameful as it sounds, certain people, though they may have some redeeming qualities, will suck your life’s blood out of you. Not everyone is as altruistic as they would have you believe. There are those who will watch you fall, with pleasure, as they gain from you what they believe keeps them alive. They are the true vampires, not the mythological and imaginary and fantasy variety, but the real deal.


These are people who will come into your life with all the promise and hope of a savior, and by god we all need one, and will dazzle you with what appears to be magic, though it really doesn’t matter, it is just their ruse as they proceed to take from you everything you have. If you do not have much to begin with it matters more. If you have a lot and you are able to distance yourself in time, a short time, then you are fortunate.


Budha, Jesus and all the greatest spiritual teachers throughout time have encouraged us to love, have compassion for and be good to others, including those who hate us and our enemies as well. This is perhaps the greatest wisdom for the survival of our species, and it works miracles in our personal lives. There is a time when all the wisest and most well intentioned thinking will not save you and that is when you have wandered too close to a black hole.


It is easy, especially when you have developed a certain fondness for someone, to linger too long in their presence. But when every inch you give them starts resulting in them taking a mile, It is time to seriously consider the value of this association. It can get worse. Sometimes we don’t see what we don’t want to see. Some things are hard to see. A black hole can be hard to see and even harder to escape. But this you must, because a black hole is deadly.


Avoid black holes.



About 3ddieblade

A.A. - Business Management from Johnson County Community College, College graduate ~ UMKC B.S.-Acctng '90, former professional Musician, Certified Scuba Diver, Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Artist, Published Writer and Poet, and casualty of the War on Marijuana Propagators. Drowning survivor.
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