Help it or not, here you be.  How? Why?  These may interest me, but it ain’t about me.  You navigated to this space and time, and what you do here is your business until you do it.  That’s kind of a conundrum.  Share.  What are you thinking, or even most cool, what do you know that we don’t?  What is special about HR, is you.  Her is a pic of one of the places I lived when I was homeless.  At least I had a small Toyota PU and a tent plus a Tarp. I ran my Laptop on the truck’s battery. This was the summer of 2011.

Manning the Command Post

Manning the Command Post

I could go on, but not today. Peace.

About 3ddieblade

A.A. - Business Management from Johnson County Community College, College graduate ~ UMKC B.S.-Acctng '90, former professional Musician, Certified Scuba Diver, Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Artist, Published Writer and Poet, and casualty of the War on Marijuana Propagators. Drowning survivor.
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1 Response to HARVEST ROAD

  1. 3ddieblade says:

    Kind of ironic how the tent and the Yota match in an uncanny way.

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